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Lockdowns…a great time for trying new techniques!

My usual painting medium is acrylics as I love their free-flowing versatility. However, more recently a fellow artist gave me her set of Winsor & Newton oils as she felt she no longer needed them…I now have a new love.

As we have been in various lockdowns and with the bonus of gorgeous weather last summer, I decided to paint outside in my garden as well as using the kitchen table. Instead of going into my studio, for some reason the anxiety of this pandemic got to me and I retreated to working from home.  These lockdowns inspired me to try out the tubes of oil paints and see where it took me. The result? I have loved using them ever since and have tried them on various surfaces such as natural board, canvas board, Saunders Waterford paper and acid-free paper (Seawhite of Brighton, just love their sketchbooks!).

This isn’t the first time I have tried oils, I did dabble with some small sample tubes of Georgian oils about four years ago which were of a slightly different consistency but still ok.  However, I am finding the Winsor & Newton oils more pliable and blending is very satisfying, which is leading me to producing a lovely body of work.

Spoiler alert…fingers versus cotton buds!

So far I had been using a technique of using short flat brushes of various sizes 2, 4 and 6 along with blending with my fingers. But to my horror more recently, I have since discovered (thanks to a seasoned artist friend who only uses oils) that certain oil paints such as Cobalt and the other cadiums, contain carcinogenic substances and can cause cancer of the mouth!  As most artists know, we tend to put ends of brushes in or near our mouth and also fingers on rims of tea mugs…I have a lot of brews whilst painting! Hence forth I shall now being using soft rags or cotton buds.  So even as an experienced artist who has been painting for over 15 years, I am still learning, which I guess, is it how it should be.

Still loving the landscape whatever the medium…

My first love will always be acrylics and there are still plenty of my acrylic artwork on my website, but I am definitely excited about using oils. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my latest body of work which are inspired by the dramatic, moody skies of the northern landscape of Lancashire, Cumbria, Northumberland and Scotland.

Dramatic Sky that loomed over the Isle of Skye

Trying out new techniques!