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Someone once asked me, who or what is the inspiration behind my art?  They wondered why my paintings lend themselves to being so very moody and atmospheric, often quite dark and brooding. I agree they are, as I feel that my work tends to capture the essence of a place rather than concentrating on the topography of the landscape.  I rely on portraying feelings within my work, I am a very emotive painter.

I fell in love with J.M.W. Turner, the 19th century artist inspires my style of painting, his interpretation of creating an atmospheric scene and his use of colours within his skies, simply bowled me over.  I can especially relate with his later paintings, which are so impressionistic, leaving the viewer to use his imagination as to what may be contained within the painting.

Still keeping within the 19th century influence, I love all the written work of the Bronte sisters, with ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily, being my all-time favourite.  This dark romantic novel set in the backdrop of the wild, dramatic windswept Yorkshire moor, just helps to set a feeling that is always within me. When I am creating a piece of work, I feel this is often reflected when I am painting, especially of the northern landscape.

Hence my affinity with romanticism, I don’t just paint a landscape hoping to create one of true reality, but rather to capture its very essence, capturing something of its soul.  Therefore, I have no hesitation in describing myself as a ‘romantic painter’ and my work in the genre of romanticism.

“I always think that when I start a painting, I have Turner in my head, but when I have finished, it always reminds me of Wuthering heights!”